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7 Essential Tips for Canada Immigration

Canada offers immigration programs with 4 broad categories, most of them are point based and some of them aren’t. The immigration process can be a daunting task, and it is advisable to seek help from registered Immigration Consultants in Delhi for easy processing and handling.

Below are 7 tips that will help you ease the load while applying for a Canada permanent residence. Make sure to go the 6th and 7th point, as most of the applicants tend to forget about them. The tips are:

  1. Age Matters. The applicants who apply for permanent residency in Canada through Express Entry are evaluated on a point scoring system. Points keep on decreasing as the applicant crosses the age that awards the maximum points i.e., 20-29. Do not wait to apply, as the age matter and the applicant might be losing points each year.


  1. Consider the time to gather supporting documents. There are certain perquisites for the applicant and one of the domains is to gather the supporting documents. Police background check, medical survey, educational documents require time to obtain. Plan the time accordingly.


  1. Higher education. The applicants are allotted a CRS score when the government is evaluating the immigration eligibility. The more education the applicant has attained, the more points they are awarded. Seek help from a registered Immigration consultant in Delhi to know more about the CRS point scoring system.


  1. Job Offer. Applicants with a valid job offer in Canada receive 600 points before applying to immigrate under the express entry system. The application with a job offer is usually given priority and has an effectively faster immigration process.


  1. Prepare for the language test. For all the programs for immigration, the applicant needs to take an English or French language exam and score a number of points to be eligible. These mandatory exams consist of domains such as Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. The maximum points awarded from the examination are 34 points, make sure to schedule and prepare well for the examination.


  1. Provincial Programs. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows several provinces/territories to nominate immigrants for permanent residency. The program allows different provinces across Canada to select immigrants, appropriate for its labor market and economy. Points required for the PNP programs are generally lower than the Express Entry system.


  1. Eligibility Criteria. There are specific eligibility requirements for each of the immigration programs. This is a crucial step in the process of immigration, take further guidance from an Immigration consultant in India to know the criterion and to which one suits the most. Find out the eligibility requirements and other required documents and fund proofs.

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